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Glee on FOX

Are you an aspiring GLEEK? Well the opportunity to land an audition for the show is right around the corner.

The hot tv series will be having a casting call and audition for new singers for GLEE, which is in the midst of it’s new season on Fox.

To all of the Glee fans reading this post, make a comments to let us know if this something you would be interested in learning more about and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the breaking news on becoming apart of GLEE!

For those of you that do not know what Glee is, it is a musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox in the United States, and on Global in Canada.

The cool music of Fox’s TV Show, Glee has been a continued commercial success, with over twenty-one million digital single sales and nine million album sales. The series’ merchandise also includes DVD and Blu-ray releases, a young adult book series, an iPad application, and a karaoke game for the Wii.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the GLEE – Fox Audition in 2013

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  1. Ruth Ann May says:

    Hi my name is Ruth Ann May. I am sixteen and have blonde hair and brown eyes. My mother is a skilled singer so she has been teaching me since i was seven or eight. I would love to have experience in acting on film and be on the show. I would be available any time you need me to work. I am told i can be a camillian to any role by my acting teacher at the walnut street theatre and people are always telling me that i am uplifting. I hope you consider me for an audition

    Sincerely, Ruth Ann May

  2. Tayla says:

    Fox (Glee) Team;

    I am 19 from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I am a Classical Cross-Over singer.
    I recently attended an audition in front of Kellie Dickerson, Dean Bryant and Geoff Castles they encouraged me to do only 'professional shows and classes' from now on. They all agreed i need to leave Newcastle ASAP and become a seasoned professional. I am beginning to look for agents however, I thought what a brilliant opportunity to contact your production team.
    I can provide recordings and images, plus some acting if you need. I'm happy to use your script and send via email, my audition tape.
    I have began to out my foot in the door in Australia with some big names however it's proving hard to launch my career so young. I really do believe I can bring something new to your show. My nature is very determined and I won't stop trying until I succeed.

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to audition or converse thoroughly over email or phone.

  3. Grace Clarke says:

    Hello Casting Directors,
    My name is Grace Clarke and my dream is to be apart of the Glee cast. I will be eighteen in October and Glee is my favorite show. I have performed in numerous plays and showcases throughout my high schools years at the local theatre in my town. I absolutely love performing on stage for an audience. I wish my school had a Glee club because it is a club that I would love to be apart of. My passion is singing and it would be a dream come true to perform with the cast of Glee. I believe that I would be an excellent addition to the cast because of my theatre experience and my ambition of following my dreams. The characters all follow their dreams of stardom and never give up and this is why I would be the perfect fit for this show. I would love the opportunity of auditioning and getting the chance to show you my talent. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
    Grace Emily Clarke

  4. Taylor Gamez says:

    My name is Taylor Gamez, I'm 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I've been singing ever since I can remember, I grew up in small town Hartland, Wisconsin but then moved out to Oroville, California which is where I am currently living. I love to be on stage and act, and I incorporate my singing with that as much as I possibly can and this would be the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm very open-minded with everything, I'm never judgemental to anyone I met, and (as I've been told) very flirtatious. I want to be on Glee because it shows other people how to be themselves and be happy with the real person they are.

  5. Tia Jay says:

    I should be apart of the glee clast because m what glee is missing

  6. Alexis Jordan says:

    Hello, i am Gleek and i love your show i whant to be apart of your show so badly i am 18 and 4 feet and 9 inches( yes i know ver tiny right) just let me know thanks!

  7. Kayla Marie McCarty says:

    Hi, my name is Kayla McCarty im 16 years old from a small town in Alabama and i'm different. I was born to stand out! I don't really fit in anywhere and singing is literally my life. I sing 24-7. Being on glee would be a dream come true for me. I've been in choir and I play flute and i'm learning ukulele. I've been in school plays and talent shows. I've never once heard any one say that I have a bad voice. I think I would make a great addition to glee because well, I'm different. YOUTUBE:

  8. Clarrissa floyd says:

    Hello , My name is Clarrissa Floyd, I am 16 years old , ( turning 17 in July) 5'5 , long curly hair , and I'm African American. I have been in dancing and my own glee club at school. I am currently a junior in high school. I will be graduating High School in June 2015. Glee has to be one of my favorite shows! I love to sing!! All day everyday I walk around singing. Friends have told me to audition for American idol or the voice , but I never put much thought into it. I've never had any experience in acting; but I am extremely funny ( well, at least that's what I'm told ) and love to have a great time! Making people laugh just makes me a happier person! Lol if I were to be on the show glee , you guys would not regret it! I'd love to here back from you guys , thanks!

  9. Emmy Munro says:

    My name is Emmy Munro. I am 21 years old and I have been singing, well for as long as I can remember. I have always be the black sheep, the runt of the class, family, friends. I would love to be given the opportunity to showcase my talent especially on a show such as Glee, with talented people infront and behind the camera!

    Thank you
    Emmy Munro

  10. Nia Brookins says:

    Hello I’m Nia Brookins, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and a current BA Theatre Major/Music Minor freshman at Texas Christian University. I’m currently involved in Alpha Psi Omega (theatre honor society), comedy improvisation, and an off-campus singing/dancing/acting group called DVA Productions run by Mrs. Sheran Keyton. Over these past couple of months that I’ve been in college, although I did theatre and music in high school, I feel as if I’ve become more interested and comfortable in the arts than I was before, and now it’s become a part of my daily life.
    Last semester I took “Art of the Theatre” and “Stagecraft”; after learning all there is about why theatre was an art and about the technical side of theatre I quickly realized that the art and the thought of portraying a character through me is what interested me the most. I also learned that acting is a somewhat part of life; everyday, we act, and acting is beautiful. By retaining all the good information I learned, I started going out to see various local theatre and joined DVA for my own enrichment. DVA also gave me the opportunity to perform in front of an audience again which made me ecstatic.
    This semester I’m taking Acting class and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I also now attend DVA every Tuesday to better my performance skills and participate in shows/resume building workshops. I’ve performed at places locally like Hip Pocket Theatre in Dallas, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, and performed in Chicago at Little Black Pearl with DVA during spring break.
    Overall, I feel like in such a short time I’ve grown as a performer from my teachers as well as my mentors at DVA and after this year I’m more certain that performing is something I want to seriously pursue. If an audition or any other requirements are necessary I’d gladly display anything needed to have the opportunity to grow as a young thespian and pursue something I’ve grown to love and enjoy.

  11. Sonia ouali says:

    Hello, I live in France but I can get a work permission quickly. I am 19. I am about 5'5 and 120 lbs. I have long black curly hair, and a mediterranean type of physical. (Oh, and I'm a girl.)
    Most important, I am a musician. I am the singer and solo guitarist of a band. I also play harmonica and I love to dance ! I travel a lot, I love the united states so my accent and my english are great. But I still can work very hard.
    I male film studies so if you are not interested, I could be an extra, dancing and stuff.
    Thank you, bye !

  12. Cristopher pimentel says:

    Hi over 4 months ago , I had no idea what glee was , I've heard about it, but I was never interested, until I was going through netflix, I saw 4 seasons of glee and I was like , let's give it a try? The first moment I saw you guys perform don't stop believing , I was crazy inlove with the show, I watched it daily! I would come home and spend hours in my room watching it!
    In one episode with the lockdown? "Shooting stars " when all of you hugged , I swear I wish I was in that , you guys aren't just friends , your also a family, my friends well not really friends are all mean , I just wish I was part of glee .. It's something I love , I sing all the songs you guys sing and I've never performed but I'm hoping to but when I do, I wanted to be with you guys ..
    I don't know if you guys will pay attention to this comment cause there's a lot of better comments then mine but give me a chance .
    I'm 15 almost 16 , I don't know if it's too late cause it says 2013 and it's 2014 but just wanted to let you guys know..
    I love all of you .!

  13. Darius Johnson(D.J) says:

    Wats up,My is OF COURSE is DARIUS Johnson,but I go by a lot of Name's,LoL.But the D.J. Will fit.I'm 16,and I would say I'm a "WILD CHILD";)I CAN SING,and I'm a VERY OUT GOING PERSON.I'M FROM NY;].I am and BEEN in LOVE WITH THE ENTIRE CASTS.Scents the SHOW WAS AIRED.I also LOVE DARREN CHRIS's Wardrobe,LoL.I want him skinny Jeans,but.I REALLY think..I MEAN KNOW ion have WHAT it TAKE's TOO BE!!On GLEE;Do always DREAMED,OR imagined me Being on The SHOW,but I don't GET the CUT,I'll still try my Best TO Show you I got what it TAKE'S TO BE ON THIS AWESOME;D SHOW.AND BTW I just want to make a SHOUT OUT TO CORY Monteith's R.I.P He was a BIG Part of the Show too.And I had to just you know show my Respect's:)But YEAH I won't let you DONE;DOs yeah.Oh and Also I listen to alot of Different MUSIC,SO I know alot,but except Country,srry.But I LISTEN to:R&B,Pop OF COURSE,Indie-PoP,French, Techo,Little bit this little bit of THAT.aim UP for ANYTHING;)#HEART #GLEE&Er BODY IN The# SHOW!!I Write my owN MUSIC,BTW.AND I can play the Clarinet:)And to TBH,GLEE IS A THE SHOW I'VE EVER UNCOUNTED,AND ALWAYS WILL BE,LOL FR.ALSO I FEEL LIKE THIS SHOW RELATES TO ME,in alot of ways.B/c I always I'm also ways SINGING and,STARTING STUFF.But not like Criminal STUFF,but I always Sing SONG TO SHOW MY MOOD,AND HOW I FEEL(:TBH.And I'm a Alto,and a Soprano:).Srry if I keep trying to,LoL.I'M JUST A HUGE/BIG FAN OF GLEE.SOO,YEAH XD.But here's more info on ME,TWITTER:KoolKatFrezh#I'm#A#GLEEK:)

  14. miata keith says:

    Hello I was nominated for an emmy for music that I wrote for channel 56. a special on drinking & driving. I also won the singing contest for WOMC. I also have a cd out on Amazon cd "Captured" I love to sing and I also love to write music as well. I play the piano and the guitar. I am self taught. Did I mention that I LOVE TO SING.MIATA-meaning "at Last She IS Here" and I am. ready and able to Glee with the best of them.

  15. Kayla Allred says:

    Hey I'm Kayla Allred I love to sing and dance. I took dance lessons for 10 years and have participated in school productions including UCPE's production of Footloose last year. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and have always wanted to be on Glee! I am 17 years old, 5 feet 2 inches, and have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. It would be an amazing opportunity to be on the show!

  16. Mirely says:

    Please give me a chance! I know I'm an 11 year old girl but I HAVE POTENTIAL!!!! Please give me a a unique singer and actress but I'm willing to work on dancing! I'm from Alice Texas,a small town with talent (me!) but please give me a chance! Thank you!!

  17. Mirely Salinas says:

    Hi,My name is Mirely (me-re-le) Salinas,I'm 11 years old.Im a GLEEK to the bone as everyone else here leaving a comment has said,but I'm not everyone else.I know I'm young but I KNOW I have what it takes! I can sing,and act.IM WILLING to work on dancing! In a one of a kind girl from Alice Texas! Please let me prove to you that I have what it takes!!! . Thank you for your time!

  18. owen king says:

    Owen king, 20 years old. I've always loved music but only started singing during high school. Since then I've practiced anything from alternative to Queen Bey. I love glee and the message it sends. Continuously helping people believe in themselves. I want to be apart of that. I want to make people see what they can do and break that "I can't" barrier. I'm a native American male who dresses as freely as Nicki Minaj. Give me a chance and you won't regret it.

  19. Samuel Curtis Roche says:

    Male 8 1/2 Year old African American
    D.O.B. July 24, 2005 Height: 51'' Weight: 57Lbs.
    Hair: Med.length Black Eyes:Brown,Pants: 8 slim
    Shirt/Jacket: 8 Shoe size: 2
    2014-01 ROOTS – #Familysearch, #1 Child /
    2013-12: Children s Miracle Network / Commercial/Video
    Print: 2013-10, 2013-11: Photo Promotional Stock Model, Rich Vintage Studios,Utah
    Extra: 2009-04: One Good Man (Father of Israel) , Child in Church Pew || Christian Vuissa (12 hours on set)
    Training: 2010-2013-05 Dance || Group Dance HipHop, Ballet ||
    UP WITH KIDS Musical Theatre Academy, active 2014
    *Actively honing acting and modeling techniques through video/camera practice, reading, Improve and Theatre Academy Training.
    Skills/Talents: Dancing (HipHop,Ballet) Running, Football, Reading, Memorization Proficiency, Excellent Student, Confident, Cooperative and well grounded. Has the "IT" factor!
    We are great at traveling and are prepared to drive or fly anywhere within the United States for projects. Skype Auditions Available.

  20. bradley says:

    Hello I come from a musical family,they have all ready made 2 albums and published them.I am 13 turning14 this year.I am a normal kid ,not goth,or emo.I love to sing, I sing in a categories of low and medium not really high.I joined a chorus group when I was 4 and ever since I've been acting in plays and singing.I hope I get a roll in glee.

  21. Janie Young says:

    Hi, I'm Janie Young and I'm 14. Yes, I know you guys won't pick a 14 year old because their maybe to young to be in glee. I would like to be some-what part of glee. I started watching Glee during the 1st season and it's amazing. I love the songs you guy choose for them to sing. Whether their old or new, you guys put your own twist on them. I have been singing since I was 3. I'm probably not the greatest or even great, but people get practice. My friend thinks I should sing again, and since I love this show that I should do this. All these audition things never come or pick anyone from my town, TN. But, I hope you see that people here could have a good chance to perform on your show, no matter the age they are. But I would like if you would read this and consider me. Thank you.

  22. Angela says:

    Hi my name is Angela marchese I'm 23 years old Glee is my favorite show I would love to be a cheerleader in the show I have learning disability and I really love to be a actress someday.

  23. kadresean mclean says:

    Hey I'm kadresean I'm in 8th grade I'm 14 and I would love to be on glee don't care if its an extra I would to be on set I have been in about 9 musicals and about 15 shows since I have been in school . So give me notice when y'all r looking for new talent.facebook -kjcovington I can sing ,dance,and act from Carthage, NC

  24. Christopher Jones says:

    My name is Christopher Jones, Also known as C.J. I am 20 years old and live Kansas City, Kansas. I am a Singer songwriter who to make ends meat is working in a local restaurant, And trimming trees. I am hoping to make it in the Music Industry. I Do believe I have what it takes to make it. It is just a matter of being heard by the right people at the right place and time. I am devoted to making that dream become a reality. I have tried out for American Idol 4 years in a row. Made it to Hollywood 2 of those years. The last time being this year. I am sure You probably saw Me in the Omaha Auditions singing and dancing with Harry Connick Junior Stand By Me. That was so surreal. Although I do feel that song didn't represent my vocal abilities completely , I am thankful that I had chosen that one for a second song choice. It got Me a lot of recognition for the first time ever. I was so amazed by all the support I had gotten from that little bit. I will always be grateful to Idol for that. Check out some of my videos on Youtube. . Hope to hear back from you soon. Your biggest fan Love Christopher.

  25. Ciara Flynn says:

    Hi. My name is Ciara Flynn. I am sixteen years old and am from Ireland. I love singing and acting. I always take part in musicals and anything that involves singing/acting in my school. I am such a great fan of Glee. It would be a dream come true to actually be involved in such an amazing, successful television show. I think I would be good for a part in any upcoming episodes as I am very motivated and determined to do the things I love and want to make a career out of.

  26. KJ says:

    Hello! My name is KaJuan. I'm a 22 yr old multi-racial male from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Standing at 5'7, I'm 160 lbs, and in very good shape. With that being said, I would love to be in this movie! I have studied acting before and still am. Being in character is something that comes naturally to me, and it just happens to be better when I'm on camera. I'm confident in my ability to always be the best I can be. last but not least, if it's one thing that I do just as good as Acting it would be singing. I'm not shy, and I love to show off What talent I have. I would be honored to be a cast member for this film. Take care!

  27. Deja Daniel says:

    To begin, my name is Deja I'm 17 and I am a huge fan of glee! I'm in love with Kurt, Rachel, and Quinn! As a teen I can honestly say I have made a lot bad choices, overcame those obstacles in my life. As a child I knew that I always wanted to be a singer, I never got the training so I decided to teach myself at 13, and I was determined. My mother and I are completely different, she wants me to be her copy, but in my family I feel that I'm misunderstood! Everyone is Caribbean so being who I want to be is difficult because they will not tolerate it but when I sing I'm in a whole new world, somewhere better than here. When I sing a imagine as if I'm performing live, but I'm so shy to even do so. I recently came out about 2 or 3 years ago, and told my mother and friends that I was gay. After that I just started being myself and told them that I sing, and in march I'll be taking a big step, and performing at a school show. I'll be glad if I can get the opportunity to show you guys who I am and what I can bring to the show!

  28. Kalasia says:

    Hi, my name is kalasia. To start off like anyone else I am a huge fan of glee and an upcoming actress waiting for a big break. I have always wanted to be on glee but I can't sing or dance, maybe a little. That's the problem with many actors such as my self now days who want to be o glee, we aren't compatible enough but have you ever thought of a role where a young 15 year old has trouble fitting in and her family expects her to be talented like the rest of them but all she wants is for them to accept her. She has the witty and sarcastic personality of santana , the innocent mind as Brittany but one the inside she just wants people to see her for who she is, not some kid from a talented family. I would be perfect for this role if you consider me. A lot of people would be able to relate trying to be accepted by their family even though the choices they make might not always the smartest. Thank you for your time

  29. jasmine smith says:

    hi my name is jasmine smith im 21 years old and i can sing not really a soul sing more like indie i love glee it makes me feel good i put the show on in the morning to start my day from season one to four i just love you i can play whatever you guys want me to play i really don't have that much experience but i have tought myself by watching and learning

  30. cristal says:

    hello my name is cristal im almost 13 and it would be an honor like i said in my other comment i want to be in it singing is such my pation i hope u consider me

  31. cristal says:

    i am a total gleek and it would be such a wonderful experience for me i want to know more about trying out but how old do u have to be and i just hope i can be in it,also i might not have the greatest voice for singing but i would be so greatfull to be in it

  32. Dominique Alexis Lee says:

    Hi I'm 12 years old going to be 13 and I can sing act and dance and I have been dreaming to be on glee I will be going to high school next year. I AM A GLEEK. I love to sing and trust and believe I sing just like Mercedes and Santana mixed together. Best believe I'm goin' to glee!!!!!!:)

  33. Lena Valour says:

    My name is Lena Valour. I have been singing professionally for about 4 years now. I would love to be apart of Glee because not only to I love music and I feel home on stage, Glee teaches amazing morals to so many different types of demographics. I want to make a difference in someone life someday and I just know that I was meant to be so much more than working a 9-5 :) Thank you.

  34. Angie Ballesterod says:

    This has not only been a dream of mine but my Mothers as well. Hi, I am a 24 year old Latina from Peru. My mother passed this October as she lost her battle against cancer, some would say. I feel that she defeated it because she is now in piece and without pain. A mothers love is incomparable and for her and because of her, I will make my dreams come true. She always told me to go for my dreams, goals, and passions. She as much as my passion for singing are my reasons and inspirations for being on Glee .I'm a very passionate person for the arts. I have to admit that I sing in the shower, in my car, when I'm changing, at work, at school, when I'm walking from class to class, in my sleep ( honestly, I have been caught by my sister singing in my sleep). And lastly anywhere and anytime I hear music or feel like singing, I sing. I have been singing since I can remember and am currently still singing at Nova Southeastern University. I know I have what it takes to not only be a great singer but a great character of the Glee family. Along with singing, I've taken and currently still taking acting and dance classes. I have been dancing since about seven years ago and acting since about two years ago. If I'm given an opportunity, I know that I will only succeed and be a great addition to the show Glee. Please please please pick me!!!

  35. Disha says:

    I am 21 and I am currently a law student. I'm from India and I love glee! I'm very passionate about music and have been taking lessons alongside law school. I would love to audition for glee. Lea Michele is my idol! :)

  36. Jeffier Dawson says:

    Hi, I'm 25 and just finished a marathon of glee on Netflix. I haven't felt like I had been missing much but I love to dance! Seeing the actor who plays Mike Chang inspired me. Now I am a fast learner but would need coaching vocally but I'm a better dancer. I just thought I comment and see if I would have a chance to show what I got, even though I have never auditioned for anything or been in a show but I'm ready to make a living somehow!

  37. Antionna Pullin says:

    Hello, My name is Antionna Pullin and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am 12 going on 13 and I know that I am young but why not I think it would a little twist for Glee and there hasnt really been any younger kids on Glee, I am not a experenced actor or singer. But I have always wanted to be an actor and I think being on Glee would be an amazing experience. I absolutly love the show Glee, and the actors are amazing and there singing voices are to die for. Well I go to Nagel Middle School, im in 7th grade and Im in chorus, drama, and orchastra.I really hope you take me for at least consideration. Thank you-Antionna Pullin :)

  38. Mason Edwards says:

    I am Mason Edwards. I think I should have be on glee is because im an astonishing actor. I love glee. Better yet I would Love to be on the. Bu then again im a 12 year old kid. I could play as a short person. I don't maybe I could get the part. But My acting career needs to start. Everybody said to stop chasing this dream. That its never going to happen. I want to prove im good enough. So please let me be on this show or on any other show. Wish all Luck to other people auditioning. Thank you. :)

  39. Jennifer Ann says:

    I am totally interested and have done some short film acting in the past!! Have done singing in a Worship team (for 2 yrs) at my church!

  40. Ashlyn Feinstein says:

    Also I am fifteen years old I am part Caucasian/Mexican/Chinese I have all three in my blood I'm a athletic and have a normal body type not to slim and to chunky right in the middle. I have hazel eyes that sometime get dark and have tan skin

  41. Ashlyn Feinstein says:

    All I want to do is sing and act my dream are all about it I have watched glee since it started and I only dream to be on the show lea michele inspires me she Is my role model and being able to work with her would be a dream come true I have Been told by people that I can sing and have had been accepted in to many music activities in my town and acting has been a skill I have had forever please email me more about this I will do anything to be on glee.

  42. Tionna Long says:

    Hi,My name is Tionna.I have watched glee since the first series.I love to sing and act. Many people say I have a great voice Working on Glee would be one of the BEST things ever. I love Lea Michele.I Hoped for that one day for everyone to finally see my talent.

  43. Deanna M Fortin says:

    I am 21, an aspiring actress, and singer. I am able to dance, can sing varied genres of music. not afraid of hard work, and willing to learn. Here are two samples of my voice.

    "The A Team"
    "She Wolf"

    I would love to be part of the Glee family!
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Deanna M. Fortin

  44. Krystal Kirk says:

    Lea Michele said it best on Glee, "Being a part of something special, makes you special." I've always felt like I'm meant for more but growing up my parents financial status did not allow me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I've never had acting, singing, or dancing lessons, but I"m passionate about all three of these things and love how Glee reaches out to people like me; people who's parents can't afford to help them follow their dreams but would still like to see them succeed. It seems as if you don't have a background in the arts and extensive training that you can't make it, but Glee is changing that stereotype and I would love to be a part of it.

  45. Laura Garcia says:

    I am very talented at leat my school,church and most of the city think so. please email me and ill send a video of me singing and acting.

  46. mark a. requena says:

    Being a part of glee would be an awesome experience for me. I've wanted to be an actor since I was five and I'm ready to step out and pursue my dream and passion. I'm a good singer but I never had any musical training. I'm no Mercedes jones or unique but what I can back up is my dancing and acting abilities. I've dancing all my life. I hope to hear from you.

  47. Angelina benson says:

    Dreaming is believing I love to be adventurous and trying new things out. My mum is from Singapore and my dad is British. This makes me half Indian and British. My dad has been filming me since I was a newborn. This means I am use to being around a camera. I am 16 and very open minded. I have a positive emotion and try my hardest. I get very sensitive but I never give up in anything I do. I am a gleek. Whenever I see Klaine together I fall in love. When I see glee club singing I fall in love even more. Thank you for your time :)

  48. Fernando says:

    I think i would be great for a part and fit into a character that would work well with the show i look young sing great im big guy so it would be interesting to watch a big guy in the show become a popular or just a cast member since theres never been a big guy in the glee club

  49. Michael Mingoia says:

    Check out my tribute video to Cory Monteith!

  50. Carissa Basknight-Jones says:

    It has always been a dream of mine to be among the glee singers. I love to sing and when I am out with my friends, people think I am uplifting. Especially when I sing the national anthem at games. When I am around family members and others, they are always telling me to try out so Please just give me the opportunity to blow your mind. Since my mom is away if aghanistan I would love to debut my talents on a show she could watch and be proud of, like I am proud her for serving our country

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