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Fear Factor Open Casting Calls

Fear Factor Open Casting Calls

Fear Factor, America’s craziest and most intense reality game show is coming back to NBC and they are looking for wild people like you to compete. Casting calls are scheduled to be held across the country soon and applications for new fearless contestants are being accepted now. This is your chance to participate in some classic old and incredible new stunts for the grand prize of $50,000 dollars!

Millions of people watched this outrageous show hosted by famed comedian Joe Rogan during it’s initial run from 2001-2006 and now it’s returning to test an all new group of contestants. Do you have one of those crazy, go for broke attitudes? Do you always accept any physical challenge that is proposed to you?  Does nothing scare or disgust you — yet? Then this is the show for you!

Millions of people watched this outrageous show hosted by famed comedian Joe Rogan during it’s initial run from 2001-2006 and now it’s returning to test an all new group of wild and crazy challengers. Do you have one of those crazy, go for broke attitudes? Do you always accept any physical challenge that is proposed to you?  Does nothing scare or disgust you — yet? Then this is the show for you!

Contestants will compete in a series of three pulse-pounding, stomach turning stunts each more difficult than the next with the last contestant standing winning $ 50,000 dollars! Auditions are happening very soon and you can submit your application today. To apply for the all new Fear Factor and for more information you can go here fearfactorcasting.com/. Leave a comment below if you want to be chosen for the show that changed television forever and tell us why you want to find out your Fear Factor.

Any man or woman with a willingness to test their boundaries and face their fears will be considered. Now is the time to challenge yourself and test your limits. This is the time to conquer Fear Factor.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Fear Factor – NBC Audition in 2013

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  1. Gabrielle Hill says:

    I am money hungry,competitive,I believe that anything is possible so I can when fear Factor if I really wanted more than my competition,I want to win 50,000.

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Hey, my name is Lorenzo McCoy. I should be the next competitor on fear factor 2015 because I fear no one, nothing but the almighty man above. I would like to test my physical, mental and psychological goals of self motivation. The money would be just a blessing but I am a very competitive person.I would love to be an asset to the opportunity of facing fear factor/s task. Thanks

  3. Spenser says:

    Hey Fear Factor!,
    My name is Spenser I'm 25 and currently living in Michigan. I've watched the show all my life and am finally ready to throw my hat into the ring and face whatever you can throw at me. I'm a single dad fighting for custody of my 18 month old son. I want to show him that no matter what goes on in life if you keep fighting for what you believe you will succeed no matter what the odds. I love training and being outside and testing my limits I am a martial artists and a parkour enthusiast. I love training and making my mind and body stronger and believe fear factor will be the greatest test of mind and body.

  4. Amanda says:

    I would really like to apply! I'm determined, focused and I don't let anyone get in my way!

  5. Sarah Martone says:

    Hey fear factor! My name is sarah i'm 28 years old and from Buffalo N.Y! I have been watching this show since it started and am stoked to see its back! I am a very intense individual with a hunger for a good challenge. I've had a lot of stuggles in life that have made it hard to save money and put it towards things to help me further my dreams and accomplisments. I also could use the money towards a wedding. I'd like to do a couple's challenge or even a siblings challenge! Nothing will stop me from 50k. I have the skills to take this ! And its pretty hard to make me fail when my mind is set to something! Mind over matter is what matters and fear is not a factor for me!

  6. Courtney & Dustin says:

    Hello Fear Factor!
    My name is Courtney Dickerson and my boyfriend is Dustin Sallen, we are a power couple from beautiful Ojai, California! I'm an MA student and perusing a license in phlebotomy while my boyfriend is 1,000 miles away trying to get closer to his dream of fire fighting. We have been watching fear factor for years and are trying to turn this dream into reality! We are an athletic couple ready to take on any physical or mental challenge. Fear is not a factor for us, so bring it on!

  7. angel says:

    How old do you have to be to apply.? I'd love to apply , however I'm only a teen. It'd be a cool idea to do an all-teen episode! Fear Factor is by far my friends and my favorite show.

  8. amber says:

    Hey fear factor team Amber and Mike from Canada looking for a adventure….Our 5 KIDS push us to the limits daily so I know we can take on anything…i say bring it on and let the Canadians have a try a win with the 50,000… eh!

  9. brent abeyta says:

    Hello fear factor my name is brent abeyta I see your show all the time it inspires me to take challenges all the time im gettin married in a few months an this would be a great advantage for me to have what it takes to except the challenge im ready an I knowbi have what it takes

  10. Bradley says:

    Hi. I'm Bradley I'm 46. Might sound like an old age but I'm very energetic and crazy for my age. I'm not scared of nothing. I will eat or do anything you put in front of me. I love this kinda stuff and would love to be on the show.

  11. Lashonte Bevel says:

    I am a mother of 4 and i am 26 years old i have been in 5k marthons and i am a physcial petite athlete and a tuff cookie i am very pretty but i am smart as well i want a chance to provide a better life for my children i have what it takes to take home the grand price

  12. peter says:

    Hi my name is peter guillory and i live in boone nc. im a chef and love everything about food and cooking. I also put my heart completly in music thats been made and music that i yet havnt made yet. i feel like i would be a good contestant because i never give up no matter what and bieng on your show would just be an amzing feelng for me. If i won the money id buy all the musical equipment i need and the rest well id blow it on the fam!

  13. Team Sweden says:

    This is Patrik and Veronika and we are team Sweden. We realy like the show and like to join you asap.

    We are ready, are you?

  14. Hali says:

    What's up fear factor!
    My name is Hali I'm 19 and from California. I've watched fear factor with my mom all my life and now my mom has a been diagnosed with cancer and is quite sick I feel the need to finally do it! I want to show her that I can do all the things we used to imagine doing! Pick me because I will bring a spunky fun loving attitude to the show. I'm a jokester and I know I can do anything. Fear IS NOT a factor for me!

  15. Allison Woods says:

    Hi Fear Factor Family! I am a young and energetic Biology student at UCLA, striving for medical school. I spend most of my days buried in my books like the science nerd I am, but I love to exercise more than anything else, whether in the gym or outdoors. I take each day with a positive outlook, which is a necessity as a struggling college student balancing school, work and funds, research, and volunteering in clinics. As an applicant, I am bringing brawn, brains, AND beauty for three contestants in one package!!!

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