Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition – ABC

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition

The all new season of ABC’s hit reality program Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is coming in soon and the producers are currently accepting applications for upcoming casting calls for new participants!  This is a great opportunity to be a part of a show that could truly change your life.

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is a weight loss show unlike any other on television. It is a show specifically for those people who need to lose at least %50 of their body weight and the producers bring all of the tools to you!  Cameras will follow you as personal trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell comes to your door to put you through the paces and teach you the ins and outs of both physical training and nutrition. This fantastic television series strives to make a real difference in the both the physical and mental health of their participants. If you or someone you love are overweight and looking to transform yourself fully, this is the chance of a lifetime. Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition wants to help you be the best you possible. Auditions for this transcendent reality series are being held soon and you can apply today. To submit an application you can follow this link extrememakeovercasting.com/ . Be sure to leave a comment below telling your story and why you’d like the Extreme Makeover crews help and stay tuned for all of the casting updates as they become available.

If you or someone you know is desperately looking to transform into the person that they have always wanted to be and are ready to change their life forever now is the time and this is the program!  Take the first step to a healthier and happier life both for yourself and your loved ones. Be a part of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition – ABC Audition in 2016

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  1. Sara says:

    Hi I am a 33 about to be 34 year old female. I have been over weight my entire life but it did not balloon out of control until I gave my daughter up for adoption 14 years ago. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life and obviously I ate my way through my feelings. It has taken me the better part of the last 14 years to come to healthy place with my decision. I recently went to school and finished my LPN degree and am now looking to improve my life in other ways. I am 5'5" and weigh 380 lbs. I need your knowledge and help to get to my goals. I need to be healthy so that I can encourage and assist other to be healthy. Please help.

  2. Ky'Leah says:

    Hello, I am 13 teen years old, and weigh 240 lbs. I am 6 feet tall. Please help me with my weight. Teach me how to eat right, so that I may teach other teens how to take control of their body weight in a health way.

    Thank you,

  3. Denise Fouche says:

    I'm a 50 year old wife, mom and special Ed teacher. I'm 5 4 and weigh 270 lbs. although I've struggled with my weight most of my life, the last 15 years have been harder. My son is 25, and he was born totally healthy. When he was 9.5 he list 3/4 of his vision but the good news … The brain tumor wasn't cancer. 4 years later he had the onset of seizure disorder. We as a family turned to food as a way to cope. I do not deserve to have this opportunity and I do not even know if I could afford time constraints. I have to work. It's possible the summer would be a time I could begin. I don't kniw. Thanks for opportunity to share my story.

  4. KarenMc says:

    I have been faced with lots of challenges in my life including a divorce. Suicide of my ex husband, and raising our children alone.
    I want to address the one thing that I think is holding me back which is my weight. I am 52 years old,5'5 inches tall, and weigh 263. Being selected for this show would a huge opportunity.

  5. ANN STAUGHTON says:

    Hi I am a white female age 43 years of age, live in Johannesburg South Africa.

    I have three children and being a single mom it has be a hard road for me, and I have had a few small operations on my stomach and this is the part of my body I hate the most including my arms… I am trying to loose weight counting calories and doing little excersice but what i am doing is not working for me.. I dont have money for all the fance things out there and need a drastic change.. I hate going into my cuboart and having nothing to wear that looks good.. Always in jeans.

    I just want to feel whole again..

    So please concider my application..

    Thanking you
    Ann Staughton

  6. dominick berry says:

    I have been overweight all my life and I want to loose the weight so I can grow up and enjoy life and my family.

  7. daina diaz says:

    I 'm a 30 yrs old, 2 years ago after being tired of people telling me that I was fat I lost 50 but than my fiance got sick..lung cancer..stress and depression strike . I'm currently working on my weight loss again he is doing better. but I know this will help me get where I always dream I could become… really want to go back to be the woman I was before having my 2 daughters now at 211 lbs 5'3 …help me please desperate mother!!!! I really need your help :-[

  8. Domonie Ashley says:

    I am nearing my 64th birthday nd am having issues with loose "fat chunk" on my thighs, abdomen and my arms! I have tried diet after diet, dont have the money for making better food choices so as a result, I eat cereal, pasta, bread and canned veggies! I LOVE my coffee and sweetner! I do drink water to hydrate but I am guessing it is not enough! I am trying to stop smoling as well, in the past when I have lost weight, I keep busy ignoring the urge to smoke or get coffee! But it is SO HARD!!I need your help ASAP!! I have issues with scoilosis and poor posture causing the belly to sag! HELP!!!

  9. Alexis says:

    I do not have half of my weight to lose but I realize. At 35 years of age I am 50+ pounds over weight and I am afraid of how much more I will continue to gain. I have been married five years and my husband to is over weight. We are young we can't have children and we are afraid that is is it for us. I would love nothing more to be healthy and happy so my husband and myself can try to live our lives to the fullest and have no less health concerns. We both wished for a family and that now. Ring out of the question for us I guess now it's time to wish for health and happiness. I know this show is for 50% body weight. Pease save us before that is the case, help us combined to lose 100+ lbs and gain longevity.

  10. David r john says:

    I'm 44 and my partner is 36 I'm 274 PDA and my parter mike is 330 we are getting huge are eating habits are poor we been through a lot through issue and being of us coming out do to are families we never saw a gay couple on extreme weight loss and it would be great for other like us to see what we can accomplish we love you Chris and Heidi you guys are best trainer around so please help us teach us and skill is we are strong contendant Ty

  11. deshawn black says:

    my name is deshawn black im 41…ive been a fan of the show for years..always been a big guy but last year its really bothered me. its has affected so many levels of my life. ive been carb cycling n excersing more but it seem im not getting any where. its made me dpressed and so withdrawn from my life and doing things i use to do. but the night i saw the episode that had the guy on that was the chef REALLY hit home! him loosing his siblings and how withdrawn he was and how he felt it was like it was my life i was looking at. i found my brother dead in his room 10 years ago and iguess i never really dealt with it never got counseling..for this i think n believe it has put astrain on me and my mothers relationship. i wonder if she blames me for not being able to save him. i fel guilty and i dont know why..i cry about it alot along with my weight and letting it get so out of control. i need to find my way back to living and living healthy life. i was in the hospital recently and found out how much itruly weigh and i was livid!
    i know the season is over but i had to share my story and reach out to you , you and your wife changed my life just by watching how dedicated n loving n supportive you are. thanks for all you do your a great inspiration!
    your truley, want to save my life
    height 6'2
    weight 414
    age 41

  12. Sherri says:

    Hi! I'm 58 years old and divorced after 36 years of marriage. Husband found another woman and believe a lot of it was from me being overweight which I have been all my life. I currently weigh around 220 and at my heaviest was 260. I had weight lost surgery but only lost about 60 lbs. I have a few health issues nothing major. I feel like I have hit rock bottom especially when someone puts you down because of your weight and tells you how old you look and how you didn't take care of yourself! I want help and need help!!

  13. Kathleen Futch says:

    Hello, my name is Kathleen, Katie for my family and friends; or to my nieces and nephews I am aunt kk. I am 33 years old. I have struggle my whole life with my weight. I done so many diets over the years with only a 30-40 lb weight loss. I have never been skinny. I have always been the chubby girl, to now the obese woman. My siblings have always been worry about my weight. My mom is always telling me that no more will love me because of my weight, that I will never have children with this weight on me, that I will get diabetes by the time I am 40. My dad passed away in 2008. He had many medical problems and I took care of him since I was a little girl. My siblings are married and have families, but my duty was taking care of my dad and mom. I wouldn't give up any of those years being with my dad, because it maded me into the person I am today; which is caring, loving, giving, patient, and strong. I am the person who would put her family and friends before her needs, my saying "sitting on the back burner". I know in my heart if I didn't stay with my parents then I would be married with a family. When my dad passed away in 2008. My family lived in a fog. I had to stay and be strong for my mom. So when my sister wanted my mom to move to be with her family, I moved with her. I know that my weight issues are from all the years putting others needs first and from emotional/physical abuse I suffered through my life with my family, friends, and classmates. I tried so many times to lose this weight. I need your help Chris. Please choose me. I need to finally get my life back. I need to fully love me inside and out. I am so afraid that I will never find love and a family like my other siblings have. The smallest I was in high school was a size 10/12. I am 5'6 and I am 291 lbs. I love to work out but I know I don't eat properly. I don't eat breakfast. Which I know is horrible to do. I have stomach issues and I am always nauseated in the morning. I know I will work my butt off for you and your wife Heidi. I don't want to disappoint you and I want to prove to myself, god, and my family that I can do this. I just need the help to make my life a better and healthier enovironemnt. Please consider me for extreme weight loss. I understand if I don't get choosen. Regardless, I will keep believing in myself and keep exercising and eating better. May God bless you and your family with many blessings. Thank you for inspiring so many people. Thank you for making me see I am worthy and strong.

  14. Suzanne Haselberger says:

    Omg! Where do I begin. I had 2 kids very young and divorced when youngest was 3 weeks old. I was so determind from that day forward to live my life for my daughter and son. I eventually remarried a man who has been the best father a women could ever ask for to my kids. During our marriage there was a serious mistake made by my husband and he begged to work things out. I was determined tl sacrafice everything not to change my kids life and stayed in my marriage. About that timemy daughter got engaged and my son enlisted in the AIrforce and was sent to Afghanistan. I feel between saving my marriage and empty nest syndrome a lack of confidence ect…… I went froma 4 to a 22. My marriage js great and we got thru hard times.Our daughter is married with our 2 beautiful grandkids. Our sonmade it home safe and is a Houston Police Officer who is now married with Our beautiful grand daughter. It is way past time for me to relax and enjoy life healthy. I have always put everyone first and now I know it is time for me to put me first. PLEASE CHOOSE ME I LOVE MY FAMILY AND I MISS OUT BECAUSE OF MY WEIGHT.

  15. Felicia says:

    I am a 36 year old dance teacher who successfully lost 110 lbs ten years ago and kept them off until I got pregnant with my now 3 year old son. I have tried everything and now I am officially larger than I was 10 years ago :( I have gone to Drs, tried everything including what i did ten years ago. I teach dance and I dance everyday but I am loosing the will to do anything. I am very discouraged about my health and i feel myself going downhill. I have 2 children that I love dearly, and I am a role model for hundreds and this is not the example I want to set. HELP ME!!!!!

  16. Barbara says:

    I am currently 39 and will turn 40 this year. I have been overweight my whole adult life. I came close to the 300 lb mark last year and it scared me. I attempted many things many times and it helps for a short time because it is just a bandage to the true issues of my life. I want help before I turn 40 and hit more health risks that I have seen family members struggling with. Please help!!

  17. Amalia says:

    My name is Amalia and I’ve been heavy all of my life. My mother would TELL ME “when you were younger raising you was a challenge because, they couldn’t find clothes that would fit you let alone clothes you would actually keep on!” I don’t know why I was such a fat baby or heavy child however, now I am an obese adult and it haunts me daily. As a teenager I did not value myself and had very low self-esteem which resulted in a teen pregnancy. Everyone around me said my life was over because I was pregnant and 17. I heard all the stats on teen pregnancy and was facing nothing more than a low income life on government assistance. So everyone thought! I have overcome all the stats that were thrown at me because, I did not want to be ANOTHER statistic. I graduated high school, had a baby, and receive the president’s educational award for my school all in 2 weeks’ time May 2004. I went to community college and graduated with my Liberal Arts degree in May of 2008. I wanted to reach bigger and get a bachelor’s degree because only 40% of the population has this degree. My dream has come true I will graduate this May 2014 with my bachelor’s in psychology from CSU however, I’m still a statistic because I AM OBESSE. I got a full time job working for the VA medical center in my home town and life seems to be grand BUT, I weigh more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant. This makes me feel like I’m not worth very much although my weight is only a number it impact my self-worth greatly. PLEASE HELP ME FINISH MY GOAL AND NOT BECOME ANOTHER STATISTIC!!!!!!!

  18. Loren says:

    Hi, my name is Loren and I'm 16 years old. I believe I was in 3rd grade when I started packing on the pounds. I was picked on from then on up and it has really effected my confidence level. In junior high I was picked on so much my mom had to put me in a private school. I've been told to go to fat camp, I was a cow, and at lunch people would make pig notices while I was eating ever since then I've been afraid to eat at school. I've never really had a normal teenage experience. Sometimes I don't even like going to the store to shop because I think everyone is looking at how big I am. Currently I'm 292 pounds and I'm 5'7. I would really appreciate the chance to lose this weight and have a chance for a long healthy life.

  19. Andrea Lewis says:

    Hi I am Andrea Lewis, I hope that the casting is not over yet for this because I sincerely want a opportunity to change! I am a 29 year old female and my weight is 365 pounds I have tried everything to loose weight but I need someone to help motivate me, I have a lot of medical problems that prevent me from leading a happy healthy life because of my weight and I fear that if I don't get help soon I will loose my life! also I just got engaged to my fiancé Juan Guzman and I would love to be a mother soon but because of my weight I can not get pregnant! I realize that I am saying some of the same stuff as everyone else who is asking for this opportunity but I just wish by the grace of god my comment could stand out and really touch your heart so that you would know how desperately I need this to change my life! I want to better myself and be the best person I can be so that I will have the opportunity to save other peoples life too! I beg you please please help me if anyone in the world needs your help its me! thank you so much! god bless!

  20. Debbie Brooks says:

    Hi I am 44 years old mother of two and a full-time worker where I work with public I'm overweight I've been overweight now for 17 years and just can't get the weight off I've tried everything please help!

  21. vicki long says:

    i am a 39 year old who is struggling with my weight,i have alot of health issues due to my weight,doctors have said that if my weight changed i could have my life back,i want to be considered as im really struggling,and need your help,i have a 15 year old and a 7 year old ,my oldest has alot of problem,and depends on me to help in so many ways,i have stuck to every plan i have been told to with no avail,i really need help.im tired constantly and not move about much,im 17 stone 6 and im 5ft 1.i really need my life changed round about.my pysical activities and my everyday life is a constant struggle.i really am terrified that if i dont get help my children is constantly going to suffer,PLEASE HELP.

  22. stacey zarzycki says:

    I have been looking for a way to audition or apply to participate in extreme weight loss show. I am a 35 year old single mom will soon be 36. 36 is a scary number for me as my father passed at the age of 36 and I am sure his health and weight played a huge part in his early death. I currently weight right at 400 hundred lbs. and am 5'9". I am terrified of leaving my child before they have a chance to experience the real me not the weighed down version of a person she sees every day. I hope this will reach someone who can email me with details on applying or any help I can get. I have tried everything at this point and am desperate.

  23. Melissa says:

    I am 33 years old and i weigh 320 lbs,I always been a big girl and i would loss and gain over the years. But these past 2 years i have kept gaining. I work hard everyday at the gym and i need help to go the next step. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

  24. Aaliyah Aalaam says:

    I surely hope that casting isn't over yet. I watched the show yesterday evening, and I was in tears over the "twins" that lost weight together, they look great! I'm older than some of the other candidates, I'm 61 and I've been struggling with my weight for at least 15years now. I have health problems relating to my "obesity" the last time I was weighed: 5/21/13, my weight was: 287 lbs. I'm a mother of six children, ten grand-children. I would like to feel better, look better, have my weight in control. I'm 5'6 tall, use to being active, can't do what I use to do because of the excess weight. I don't have a choice in whether I use the weight or not, "I want to live" I've tried so many diets over the years with "some" or little results." My weight has left me feeling depressed at times with myself, and I just want more energy to keep up with my grands & my everyday living skills. I need help please. "I'm not ready to die yet" I am ready for help, I've prayed to God" to please send me an "ANGEL" TO HELP ME. I promise you one thing, if chosen" I will work hard at my goals, willing to make any sacrifices that's needed to help & "save my life." I humbly await your reply"can't do this on my own" Please help me!!!

  25. Cathy Terry says:

    I am going to be 51 in a couple of weeks and would love to loose weight.. I am 5'3 and 171 pounds.. I have had a lot of problems with self esteem and self worth for various reason's.. I am an emotional eater and a big procrastinator when it comes to loosing weight.. I don't feel good enough about myself and I really need to loose weight and be healthy. I have Heart disease and high blood pressure in my family.. I have been told by my dr. that my colesetrol is slightly over what it should be and my Thyroid is slightly elevated… I know it will get worse because I can't loose the weight alone.. I look in the mirror and am disgusted at what I see.. I hate buying clothes and going anywhere where people see me.. I know im not as over weight as some of these other people are but I have the same problems they do. I want to be here for my children and grandchildren.. I am the only parent my kids have.. I fear that I wont be since I think that I have developed a little bit of high blood pressure. I need help!!!! please help me before I get worse and die.. I don't feel like I am of any worth and I know I wont be able to do it alone.. Thank you.

  26. Jabrea says:

    I would to be on this show because I am in great need of weight loss help. I have been exercising and trying to eat healthy but it seems that the wieght and inches will not shed. I am 19 and 280 pounds at 5'7 height. I have struggled with my weight my entire life; I need change. I want to be healthy so that I can live a long,happier life.

  27. Brenda says:

    I am a mother of two before my children I weighed 130lbs now im pushing 300lbs. I have no energy at all and Im so ashamed:( I need help badley! I want to be able to do things with my kids without being out of breath and without complaining something hurts. Please help me give my kids the mother they deserve.

  28. anita says:

    Im 40 years old and have literally tried everything. Nothing works. my current weight is 260 and im 5'5

  29. Laura says:

    Hi I am 30 years old. I use to weigh 130lbs until I had 4 kids. I just had my last baby she is 1 year old and I way 208lbs. I really need help getting back into shape. I have tried everything and it seems that sometime always comes up. Please please help me.

  30. arthenia says:

    I am interested in participating in this show. I am 39 years old and i currently weigh 343. For all of my life i have had a weight problem. i have been the positive person that would not let people opinions or comments bother me. But this year at the state fair i was unable to enjoy myself . Me and my girlfriend got on our first ride and i was placed on the inside where ride operators had to stuggle to close the door of the cage. it was the most embarrasing momemt i have ever felt as an adult. i cannot and do not want to ever feel so ashamed ever again. I am asking for help.
    As an adult i have tried many methods ion losing this weight and i have not been sucessful past losing 20 to 25 ponds on my own. this year i turn 40 years old and i do not want to spend another year in this body . I want the outside tena to match the vivacious , outgoing , spirited , energetic inside Tena.

  31. Crystal Solomon says:

    I hope I'm not to late. I'm a mother of a 2 1/2yr old. I used to weigh 125 before I got pregnant. While pregnant I gained a 100lbs. When I had my daughter I went to the doctor to get my thyroid since I had no idea why I gained so much. I have hypothyroidism. Since then I've gained another 25lbs. So now I'm at 240lbs. Im really want to change this. I want to be a healthy person for my family. I want my husband to see me as when he first met me. He used to take pictures of me all the time And now he doesn't even look at me. I want to change for myself first and foremost. But for my husband is a bonus. I need this more than I can explain. Please help.

  32. Andrew Day says:

    Andrew Day.
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 292
    Body type: Big/Athletic
    Hair: medium and dirty blond
    Eyes: Green
    Tattoos: none
    Beard: brown.

  33. Willie D Felton Jr says:

    I am 38 single father of two in my custody I am 6ft 372lbs i have circulation problems in my left leg althought the doctor says it's nothingI know when my leg loses it's feeling. I have a 16yr old daughter who has never seen me healthy and a 5yr old son I have to live for until he is old enough to take care himself please help me I can't seem to do it on my own

  34. Ashanti McKenney says:

    Hi my name is Ashanti. I am 20 years old at 5"0 an I weigh 212 pounds. I am and have been overweight since I wa 14 years old. I've always wanted to change but when I tried I failed. I've new had the continuous support or push I needed to succeed in weight loss and I felt as if I've tried everything. I really honestly, could use this show to help me become who I wanted to be my family has a history of so many sicknesses because of being over weight and I don't want to be another genetic sickness yet, a curse breaker and show them that I can, prevent these things from happening to me and I will. With the help of you all, you see if I become nothing more, I want to be happy…
    Happy in the success that I've lost the weight I needed to and desires to that I may not live as my parents have. Please if it is anything else I could say or do I would pray that you'll consider me and use me to become one who achieves her lifetime goal of weight loss through this experience. Thank you so much.

  35. Shayna Ross says:

    My name is Shayna and I'm 24 years old with a baby that is 17 months I am very over weight I need to at lease lose 100 pounds my back is hurting a lot so I know I have to much weight on my body and I hate it in just asking can you please help me I can't take it any more.

  36. weight loss programs for women says:

    Thanks for some other informative web site. The place else could I get that type of info written in such an ideal way? I have a challenge that I'm just now working on, and I've been at the look out for such info.

  37. Krista says:

    I'm 33 years old with two children. I am very overweight and have been since I was 26 years old. I'm an emotional eater and honestly just too tired after working all day and putting the kids to bed I don't want to go to the gym! My weight is now effecting my health. I was a gestational diabetic with both my kids and I'm borderline when I'm not pregnant. I want to do this for my kids and myself. I want to see my kids grow up and graduate college, and see them start their own families. I'm fat and don't want to be anymore

  38. tabatha mcaffee says:

    I believe i should be on the show because i am 20 years of age i will be 21 on 09/26 of this year and i had a son in 2008 and i gained 50 pounds i use to weigh 150 pounds and now im 210 pounds i hate my weight i try to lose but its hard i need that extra help. I would love to come on the show and push myself to lose 50 pounds

  39. Steven Patterson says:

    Hello Im young man that is a college student that lives in South Jersey and wants to better him self in life, I been fat all my life and I want a change in my life, im tired of not getting the girls, If I get pick for this show it would change my life a whole lot…
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 300
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Skin: tan

  40. Davetta Harris says:

    My gaining over100lbs in the past couple of years has put a severe strain on my mental and physical well being. It has slow me down a lot! And has brought some things to a complete halt. I can no longer enjoy the activities I love. And even routine daily activities are a struggle. I am ready for help!

  41. josh hogeland says:

    im 22 and the last time i weighed it was at over 420 pounds, im going to die without help, i cant do this on my own, please help me

  42. katelyn says:

    I realize that casting may already be over but i just found this im 20 and i weigh 280 pounds and im 5'8. Losing weight would change my life i have tried so hard since i was in elementary school and im just fed up with myself i cant figure out how to stuck to all the things i say that im going to. I work hard for a while then theres that one day im tired and i just give up. This is a great opportunity. To get my life on track and i would really appreciate it

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