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Disney in association with It’s a Laugh Productions are now in pre-production of an all new second season of the hit sitcom  Austin & Ally.  This teen show sensation is about 2 teenagers with totally different personalities, both with musical ambitions who end up in a very unique relationship. The fantastic Laura Marano plays young songwriter Ally Dawson and hilarious heartthrob Ross Lynch stars as Austin Moon, the overnight internet singing sensation who gains sudden notoriety after performing one of Ally’s songs. The two talents decide to combine their strengths and work to become a successful musical duo.   

Throughout the incredibly popular series Austin and Ally struggle with how to maintain and capitalize on Austin’s new found fame. Austin would be considered the rebel type while Ally is the conservative / self-conscious type in this classic odd couple dynamic that bursts with incredible comedy and terrific musical performances  Watch Austin & Ally just once and you’ll see why millions of fans tune in each week to see the pairs adventures and you’ll also see why this is one of the most amazing casting calls of the year. Auditions are being held soon and submissions for the roles described below are being accepted now. If you are interested in applying you can send an email here

Currently the roles being cast for the exciting new season include a male of any ethnicity in their early teens with a great singing voice. Also they are seeking an attractive female of any ethnicity, also in their early teens, who can sing as well as play piano. Because this show is a sitcom, both actors should also have very strong comedy skills. Other series roles of all types are being cast soon! This is your chance to be a part of season 2 of Disney’s hilarious Austin & Ally.

This casting call has been been sent out nationally. Apply today for your shot at a role on one of the funniest comedy series on television today, Disney’s Austin & Ally.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Austin & Ally – Disney Channel Audition in 2015

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  1. Kyleigh says:

    This has been my dream since Austin and ally came on the Disney channel. This is my favorite show, and I love Ross lynch and Lauren maurano.., I would love nothing more than to work side by side with them. Also I want to become an actress I think I would be very good at it… I'm am a hard worker and I would put my all into this.

  2. Charity Abrahamson says:

    Hi I'm Charity and I'm a songwriter and singer. I LOVVEEEEE TO SING. IM GOOD (hopefully) AND I WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH LAURA, ROSS, RAINI, AND CALUM. :) THANKS xoxo

  3. Libby says:

    Hi my names libby and I am 14.I live in liverpool and I love singing,acting,music amd dance.I have experience with acting as I am apart of a youth theatre in the Royal Court.I have picked Music and Drama as options for my GSCE's as I want a career in Acting.I love austin and ally this is why i would love to perform on this show also it would start my career off.I am very hardworking and i think you should pick me to be on the show because it would be a great experience for me and love acting and i would give everything ive got.I hope you select me to have the role in this tv show.Thanks

  4. katie says:

    I would really love to be on austin and ally.
    My name is Katie Wardwell
    Im 13 and i really love acting.

  5. Allison Cohen says:

    I really want to be on Austin and ally

  6. Allison says:

    I really want to on Austin and ally it is my dream

  7. DeAsia says:

    Hello my name is DeAsia. I am 18 years old, I have been a fan of the show since it came out. I'm not going to lie can't sing, or Dance but I took four years of drama in High School. Everyone says I am a very determined, funny and sweet young girl.

  8. margaret says:

    hi my name is Margaret. I am 12 years old, 5'5 feet, and a female.I have watched the tv show over 100 times each. I love acting, I love all the actors. I have gone to acting classes in the summer, I can also dance love every type of dance( I am best at hip hop I have been the best in my class). Acting gives me happiness. If you give me a chance to addition I will give it 110 percent.

  9. shasha says:

    Hello everyone ! I'm shasha and i'm 15 years old! I'm very talented and i want to have this opportunity! I'm very funny, i can't sing, Disney's actors and I love Austin and ally ,it's my life,it's true!Ross lynch is my idol!! I really really want to see him! Sometimes I cry because I want to see him! I love laura too, i have already acted in school, my teacher say to me :"you're very talented!" . Yes I know sometimes it's hard to act but i want and i can!! So Please i have some talents but i need to show you, my dream! Thank you for reading and don't forget me! :)

  10. Joelle Steeves says:

    I am a twelve year old girl (going on 13) and have 5 years of theater (including musicals) in NY. I have worked with Broadway actors like George Hearn and lived in the mist of voice actors like Jeanie Intile Burns. I have played piano for three and a half years. I have most recently moved to Portland, Oregon. I am 5'0 and have dark brown hair. Contact me for more information.

  11. Aysiah (Asia) says:

    Hi i'm Aysiah (Asia) i am a big fan of your tv show i am in the 7th grade 12 almost 13 birthday june 25,2002 height? Well i would love to be on your show Austin And Ally i think that the show is the best on Disney and you guys on Austin and Ally are the best and R5 is my favorite band. P.S. I do love to dance and sing. Thank You for reading

  12. Jia says:

    Hi my name is Jia.Im 11 years old. I can sing, dance, and act. Im funny according to my friendsand my family. It would be awesome and unbelievable if u get picked to be on the show. You should pick me to be on the show because im fun,hardworking,and creative.

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