Aflac Duck TV Commercial Voice-Over Actor

Aflac Duck Commercial

Aflac Incorporated, who was the winner of the Ethisphere Award for “World’s Most Ethical Company” for the 15 year in a row will now be conducting a massive national casting call for talent for the new voice of the hugely popular Aflac Duck for tv, radio and internet commercials . Aflac announced on March 14, 2011 that it has severed ties with comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Rather than hire another celebrity voice, they have chosen to accept auditions from the public. CMO Michael Zuna said, “There’s a lot of undiscovered talent in the United States. We’re calling it America’s best job”.

Anyone interested in auditioning for the new voice-over role for the famed Aflac Duck is welcome to attend the open casting calls.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Aflac Duck TV Commercial Voice-Over Actor Audition in 2016

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  1. marcus anderson says:

    I was born for this role.

  2. Nicola Doratt says:

    Hi, All!!!! I can talk all kinds of quack!! Been doing all different quacks all of my life! mad, happy, fat, fast, baby…….

  3. Shawn Diddy Jones says:

    I've done a lot of roles and my ACTION WILL SPEAKER LOUDER THANK MY WORD .

  4. Gregory m. Moore says:

    Hello! Would love to be the NEW voice of Aflac! I have been a flight attendant for the past thirty years. When I make announcements on the plane I all receive tons of compliments on my voice! I have done a little voice over work. What an opportunity ! Would be thrilled at the chance to show what I got. Thank you

  5. Vinnie Marmash says:

    Life is to short i have been blessed with a sense of humor and a gift to imitate alot of Mel Blanc"s characters. I lost my best friend to cancer a year ago and decided to follow my dreams in his honor i do a great Aflac duck

  6. Angel Alvarado says:

    Im a teen girl (13) an I feel having a young and a female to be voiced over with a duck will not only serve the purpose of the commercial but will also make it comical there for I would like to be in the commercial

  7. Steven Daniel says:

    Who wouldn't want to be the legendary Aflac hero. I grew up with the bird. I would be honored to voice him.

  8. lori says:

    I should be your next AFLAC duck commercial. I have a different kind of voice that would capture viewers attention. I also am in SAG/AFTRA union. Please consider me. Thank you, Lori

  9. Michael Haley says:

    The unique sound of the Aflac Duck is definitely one to be remembered. I have a voice that is so incredibly deep, I can guarantee you that folks will not only be shocked at the new sound, but it will also always be remembered. I know it will be a good change. Not to mention the public constantly trying to imitate the new sound by saying "Aflac" in the deepest voice they can after hearing the commercial. That makes it interesting and fun.

  10. Lori says:

    I should be your next AFLAC Duck because I love to have fun with this duck. I am in the union and am characterized as a character actor. I would love to do this commercial. I do have a different kind of voice for the duck that would capture viewers attention. Thank you

  11. George McCoy says:

    Ok you guys are looking for someone to get the job done well Iam here. Ive done alot of extra work, but now its time to go a step further. I have the voice thats needed what ever the job is and give aflac the stand out thats welcome. please feel free to contact the New talent thats needed.

  12. Emily Muraca says:

    Hi, my name is Emily and I would like to be part of the tv commercial world. I'm very artistic, social and I like to sing.
    If I can get in to this opportunity it means a lot to me.

  13. Will Perez says:

    I should be part of the Aflac Duck TV Commercial Voice-Over Actor Audition in 2015 because I am like a "Method" actor. I try to find and tell the truth in a character. I stick with the goal and objective to captivate the audience.

  14. Daniel says:

    When I talk, if you close your eyes, one could mistake my voice for one of a duck, and therefore I would fit the Aflack personality perfectly!

  15. brittney says:

    This sounds like fun, I think a woman would be better for this.

  16. DC Long says:

    Because you have never heard anyone like me, I have over 40 different individual voices to choose from
    DC Long

  17. Kathy Finney says:

    It is time to move the duck up. and have a woman to do the commercial and change it up.

  18. Mika Aaron Jenewein says:

    My name is Mika Aaron.
    16 yrs old
    Am Austrian
    Language : German, English & B.malaysia
    Am a mix austria & Malaysian
    Brown eyes
    black hair
    I am passionate at what i do
    i am very energetic,hyper,athletic and artsy boy
    Am enjoy playing sport ( dodge ball) and acting
    Talent : Expose commercial Tv..
    Sunquick Oren Juice, Nickoledeon for asian country, Jacker, Coca cola, One episod for malaysia drama series movie, Main role for flash back main male actor for Film 'Split gravy on rice '
    Print Ads :- karangkraf malaysian fashion magazine, sime darby -Property Housing magazine, Celcom – News paper, TNB for Xmas-news paper.

    It would be great opportunity to be a part of this
    Best Regards

  19. thomas wagner says:

    i can sing in my voice, talk. all my friends and relatives say i sound like the voice of aflack, so when i seen you were auditioning ,depends where they take place,i decited to try. it is a challange i would be interesting to try. if needed you can call me to here how my aflack voice sounds over the phone.will you consider me?

  20. Ian Harrison says:

    I'm 27 and I can already mimic Gilberts take on the character. The only question is do you want to reinvent or stay close to the original? I can do both.

  21. Donna says:

    Love the Aflac duck. Recently saw the yoga class episode. It occurred to me that the ad could be unforgettable by having the duck pass gas during one of the yoga moves!!! That humor would make this ad soooo unforgettable and humorous. Thanks for considering my "ridiculousness"- Donna

  22. Keith Ryan says:

    Hello – I am a voice-over artist with experience in software applications and avatar workplace simulations using different voices. I have a clear, confident voice with excellent diction, in American English with no accent. My professional voice talent training was provided by Such A Voice, Inc. in Vermont. I welcome an opportunity to audition for this exciting role!

  23. Shirley Dunning-Johnson says:

    I need this commercial to show my agency that I can and not I cannot get work on my own. I like to do voice-overs especially the Indian voice-overs. Please give me a chance to audition. I just graduated from John Casablancas School of Acting/Modeling here in Atlanta, GA. portfolio at: Thanks. If it is not too late.

  24. Charles,Prayer says:

    Hi I am a "Background-actor,and a stage-actor,i am a Stand-up Comedian,and I love the "Aflac",i am Charles"Teddy-Boo w",my "Mom" nickname me "Duck",i have been doing Comical" stuff ever since,like Stand-up Comedy,i know I can do the "Duck "Voice' it"s like "swimming to me and I can "swim"i appreciate the "Chance to show you "Guys" I can do this,Thanks "Please call or E-mail me Thanks

  25. Scott Campbell says:

    I would love to provide a new character to this beloved mascot!

  26. Edward Castro says:

    I'm Ed's fiancé and I must tell you, he sounds exactly like the Aflac voice. (the original voice). Give him a shot. You won't be disappointed.

  27. Michael wright says:

    Plzzzzz pick me

  28. Monica Brewer says:

    I have never done voice over work before, but, I have been told that I have really nice tone to my voice. I would like the opportunity to try and see if my voice could be the next VOICE.

  29. Luis Franco says:

    I would love the chance to audition. My grandchildren say I sound just like the Aflac Duck and are always having me talk like the Aflac Duck. Well guess what? So does everyone else else. If interested contact me. I t woul be an honor to be the voiceover for the Aflac Duck.
    Thank You, Luis Franco

  30. Patrick Mullin says:

    Hello, my name is Patrick Mullin. But I go by Tim. I am 39 years old and I have the voice that you are looking for!!! It's very unique and very memorable!! I can talk to someone and not speak to them for a year and the second they hear my voice they know exactly who I am! So by using my voice for the new voice of AFLAC as soon as you air it, it will be imbedded. in anyone who hears it will know It's the Duck Promoting AFLAC even without sight. Just the sound of my voice they will know!!! I can guarantee it!!!!! AFLAC!!!!

  31. Amber says:

    Name: Amber Santos
    Age: 20 years old 1992
    Height: 5'3
    Nationality: Irish & Italian
    Skin: White
    Hair: Long straight auburn hair
    Language: English
    I was in a commercial when I was younger and have been acting for 10 years and modeling.

    Thank you,

  32. Jordon says:

    My name is Jordon Phillips and I would be extremely interested in the opportunity to audition for the Aflac duck TV commercial. I am an 18 year old male.I have auburn hair and I am 5'10 and weigh between 130 and 140 lbs and I have been studying acting and theater performance for 2 years at CSCC. I have performed in several shows at the Weathervane Playhouse a local Ohio Professional Theater and this summer I was very fortunate to be cast as a featured extra in an episode of a Nickelodeon TV show (Supah Ninjas)I'm quite good with other dialects.I would like the opportunity to try something new.
    I would be more than happy to provide a head shot and resume upon request.

  33. Lawrence Fashaw says:

    I am the voice of AFLAC

  34. Lawrence J. Fashaw says:

    If your seeking the Aflac voice (G.G.) sound alike, then IO am your man ,just give me a shot, if you don't like it what do you have to loose but a little time, and to me time is money and I would'nt waste either one.

  35. Tamarra Davenport says:

    I would love to audition for this commercial. I do voice over work.

  36. kimisha Crisp says:

    New voice…and the right choice. Voice over-make over…for a radical promotional take over! Time to turn our favorite over the top, loud snappy goose into a thought provoking, business saavy, or sincerly sarcastic swan…same look…new launch.I trust that my voice is perfect for either…I could see the life size me…(on crutches [duck in running shoes], in a fender bender [duck in my back seat], stressing over medical bills [duck in my office chair] etc.. face to face with the voice over me, embodied in the Aflack duck as it looks at me, then into the camera saying "Humn!Got Aflac?, Sure Hope you have Aflac,or No worries…you've got Aflac!" or simply with a wink and a grin in a voice of sarcasim or comfort…"Aflack"

  37. Samantha McNair says:

    I'm 21 outgoing and beautiful.

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